Wholesale Pattern Inquiries

This section is for Wholesale Customers only.

We offer wholesale accounts to independent brick and mortar quilt and craft retail shops We support the local quilt shops who work hard each day carrying the fabrics and teaching classes that are the basis of the quilting industry and the quilt show vendors that travel, do the hard work of setting up booths as traveling quilt shops.

To apply for a wholesale account, please send an email to info@seamslikehome.com or call us at (609) 488-5451 so we can collect your business name, address, tax number, etc. We would love to set up an account with you so you can carry a line of our designs.

In the meantime, look through our retail section and make a list of patterns and faces you would like to order.

If you wish to sell finished Seams Like Home LLC copyrighted quilt designs, please write to info@seamslikehome.com for permission.

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